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For anyone wanting to learn more about SoundFlow, here are some resources that may help.

See here for the video version of this article, or scroll down below to read the individual topics.

Installing and getting started with SoundFlow.

If you’d like to learn how to Install SoundFlow, you can do this by watching the “Getting Started with SoundFlow 5 to control Pro Tools with a Stream Deck in 6 minutes” video.

The video covers everything from;

  • Signing up for a SoundFlow account

  • Activating your free 30-day trial

  • Downloading and installing the SoundFlow app.

The video also walks you through a quick-start guide that will help you set up your account for controlling Pro Tools with a Stream Deck, iPad, iPhone or Android device.

The Pro Tools Expert article & video walk-through for SF5

If you’d like to learn about all the new features in SoundFlow 5 and get a great overview on what SoundFlow does, head on over to Youtube and watch the “SoundFlow 5 - Everything You Need To Know” video, where SoundFlow's CEO Christian Scheuer walks Julian Rodgers from Production Expert through all the new SoundFlow 5 features.

Watch our Learning SoundFlow playlist

The “Learning SoundFlow” playlist on YouTube has a range of Tutorial videos walking through everything from installation, Stream Deck, iOS and Android device setup. It also has videos on creating and working with Macros, Scripts, Triggers and much more.

The “Learning SoundFlow” playlist can be found on YouTube at the following link;

"Learning SoundFlow"

You can also access the playlist quickly from the SoundFlow interface at any time by clicking the “Need Help?” button or pressing the “F1” keyboard shortcut, and from the popup menu select “Getting started with SoundFlow” then selecting “Watch the Learning SoundFlow playlist on Youtube”

And if you have any requests for tutorial videos please let us know by asking in the “Ideas” section of the SoundFlow Forum.

The SoundFlow Forum.

The SoundFlow User Forum is a great place to learn more about SoundFlow.

You can access the forum by clicking the “Forum” tab in the SoundFlow Editor which will open the forum in your default browser. You can also access the forum at any time by visiting forum.soundflow.org.

With over 50 thousand posts in 7 thousand plus threads, chances are if you have a soundFlow related question you’ll find an answer by using the search field at the top of the Forum’s page. And if you still can’t find what you are looking for, just ask a question in the “How to” section, where the SoundFlow community can help you find answers.

Join the weekly user hangout

Each week we hold a SoundFlow hangout over zoom. It’s a super relaxed session where we talk about all things SoundFlow related, so bring your questions and ideas. Currently we hold the session on Wednesdays 11am PT / 2pm EDT / 8pm CET.

To get the Zoom link and most up-to-date times for the SoundFlow hangout please visit soundflow.org/hangout.

The Getting Started checklist

If you're new to SoundFlow and you want to get an overview of the SoundFlow interface or would like to learn how to create your first Macro, a good place to do this is via the “Getting Started with SoundFlow” checklist.

If the blue "Getting Started with SoundFlow" button is not already showing in the bottom right corner of the SoundFlow Editor tab you can easily restore it by clicking the “Need help” button and then selecting “Getting Started with SoundFlow” followed by “Open the Getting Started checklist”.

You can also use this checklist to set up your Stream Deck, iOS or Android device.

Check our articles section.

Another way to learn more about SoundFlow is to look through the articles on our website.

To find the articles, click on the “LEARN” button in the header of soundflow.org, then use the search field to find what you are looking for, or browse by selecting the relevant categories.

And if you don’t find what you are looking for be sure to reach out in the SoundFlow User Forum.

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